Annamaria stands by the client who wants to carry out a customized project. Our graphics department supports the client in all stages of customization. We offer you exclusive, specialized and professional advice and attentive service to details and your needs, with the aim of defining the product based on the project you intend to realize.


We can offer you either a single product, or develop a complete collection that is coordinated in themes and colors. We accompany you in the choice of the garments you have in mind to create, helping you both on the design front, as well as on the aesthetic front.You can choose whether to reproduce your own original design, to create a completely new one together with us, but also to entrust us with the creation of an exclusive theme.In any case, the project, once finished, will allow you to offer great added value to the final product. That garment will be only "yours"! Translated with (free version)


You will be able to receive both the finished product and the fabric on a roll, ready to be cut and packaged.You will only need to follow the practical "signs", printed on the fabric, to be able to cut it easily and independently before packaging.Thanks to our flexibility you will be able to adapt, "customize", all garments with your image or logo. In this way, you will be able to leave a unique mark on each product and offer your customer a garment that has no equal.Do not put limits on your imagination, let Annamaria accompany you to make your custom project!


We are committed to the continuous search for technical, productive and innovative solutions.


We give support to your projects for a coordinated and exclusive image.


We create designs, print them and place them end-to-end.